Sick in buildings

Sick building syndrome

Patients report that they constantly suffer from the feeling, which is difficult to describe, that there is something disturbing and constricting in their throat and that it has to come out somehow. They constantly feel the need to swallow or clear their throat. For some, it also triggers an urge to cough or shortness of breath.

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Similar disease patterns

Teaser odor sensitivity

Odor sensitivity - MCS - Osmophobia

Bad smells disturb almost all people. However, it may be that the sensitivity to odors and fragrances is increased to such an extent that a real suffering arises from it. This is referred to by various terms: Hyperosmia, Osmophobia (fear of odors), MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity, idiopathic environmental intolerance, multiple chemical sensitivity, multiple-chemical-sensitivity-syndrome and others.

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Teaser hyperventilation

Shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, panic: Hyperventilation

While the acute hyperventilation syndrome is a highly acute complaint (shortness of breath, anxiety, palpitations, dizziness, panic), the chronic hyperventilation syndrome is often overlooked. It usually manifests itself only indirectly and often only after years of symptoms. However, the consequences for the quality of life are sometimes even more serious and often lead to severe impairments, even to retirement.

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Teaser functional disorders

Suffering without findings: Functional disorders

About half of all physical complaints with which people consult their family doctor have no organic cause. These are so-called functional complaints. If nothing physical is present, the psyche is usually suspected as the cause. But often neither psychotherapies nor psychopharmaceuticals lead to the desired success. What then? Do those affected not want to get better? Are they imagining the complaints?

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Teaser Sick building

Sick indoors - outside is fine: sick building syndrome

Up to 20% of all office workers complain of puzzling symptoms: headaches, head pressure (behind the eyes, skull), poor performance, difficulty concentrating, drowsiness, dry eyes, irritable cough, shortness of breath (similar to asthma), dry and burning eyes, sensitivity to smells, fatigue and difficulty concentrating.

These complaints subside when sufferers leave the office and move outdoors. The majority blame the air conditioning system for their suffering.

The impairment suffered by those affected is often considerable, and the economic damage caused by loss of performance and sick leave is said to run into the billions of euros.

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