Not being able to breathe properly

Constant sighing and yawning

Do you yawn often? Probably yes! We all do. But sometimes yawning accumulates to the point where it can be really annoying, even a real discomfort for some people. And the same is true for sighing. We all sigh. But some patients need to sigh all the time.

Often it's accompanied by a feeling of not being able to breathe properly. It's like an internal anxiety and often associated withexhaustion, internal tension,dizziness and lightheadedness. It can cause anxiety or evenpanic. This is sometimes called sigh dyspnea or sigh breathing.

What is the background of yawning and sighing? Why do we actually do it? Why does it sometimes make us feel so exhausted? Why does it not get better by breathing quickly? Is there a therapy for it?

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Teaser exhaustion

Exhausted and tense

After a lot of effort, everyone is tired. After rest it gets better. However, there is a feeling of exhaustion, neither sleep nor vacation will not help. It is a great need for rest with simultaneous restlessness. Terms like CFS, burnout or exhaustion syndromes do not help.

What is behind it? What helps?

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Teaser derealization

The world and one's own person appear alien: derealization and depersonalization.

The complaints are difficult to put into words. The world seems somehow strange and unreal. It is a feeling like fog in the brain or like standing behind a pane of glass. Everything seems unfamiliar, not real or as if in a dream. And even one's own body is different from what it was. Foreign, like a robot. Looking in the mirror has lost its naturalness.

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Teaser hyperventilation

Shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, panic: Hyperventilation

While the acute hyperventilation syndrome is a highly acute complaint (shortness of breath, anxiety, palpitations, dizziness, panic), the chronic hyperventilation syndrome is often overlooked. It usually manifests itself only indirectly and often only after years of symptoms. However, the consequences for the quality of life are sometimes even more serious and often lead to severe impairments, even to retirement.

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Teaser functional disorders

Suffering without findings: Functional disorders

About half of all physical complaints with which people consult their family doctor have no organic cause. These are so-called functional complaints. If nothing physical is present, the psyche is usually suspected as the cause. But often neither psychotherapies nor psychopharmaceuticals lead to the desired success. What then? Do those affected not want to get better? Are they imagining the complaints?

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Teaser yawn and sigh

Constant yawning and sighing

Do you yawn often? Probably yes! We all do. But sometimes yawning accumulates so much that it can be really annoying, even a real discomfort for some people.

What is the background of yawning? Why do we actually do it? Is there a treatment for it?

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