Online therapy

Innovative therapy at home

Online offerings have been supplementing our on-site offerings for several years. This form of therapy has developed rapidly and we are surprised at the possibilities it offers.

Compared to real contact in presence, there are naturally disadvantages. Some things are simply not possible. Direct physical examinations, technical examinations, taking blood samples, etc.

But there are also advantages. Contact is easy and without a long journey. Appointments can be integrated into everyday life with less effort. You can participate in therapy from anywhere in the world - even on vacation. And you stay in your own, trusted environment.

Unlike on the phone, you can see who is sitting across from you. Exercises can be explained, guided and corrected. Equipment can be explained in detail and more.

Originally, online therapy was born out of necessity, but today it is another pillar of our therapy. It is also not contradictory to on-site therapy. Online therapy can also be before, after or between therapy sequences in the practice clinic.