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Teaser dizziness

Spinning, swaying, dizziness & anxiety: dizziness!

Dizziness, that means a disorientation in space. There is hardly anything that is as unsettling and causes fear, even panic, as this sensation.

For some types of dizziness there are clear findings, e.g. an impairment of the inner ear. An example would be benign positional vertigo, the most common type of vertigo.

But sometimes there are no physical findings at all. Often it is more a feeling of dizziness, a feeling like being drunk or having absorbent cotton in the head. Usually it is coupled with strong exhaustion, sleep disturbances and numerous further complaints. Then the insecurity is twofold: Once by the discomfort and then still by the lack of clarity, what then causes this discomfort.

These pages are about dizziness with and without physical findings. What is it? How does it occur? What to do about it?

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