Completely exhausted and constantly tense

CFS and other fatigue syndromes

Exhaustion is first of all a completely normal feeling. If you have worked a lot or have been able to get little sleep, then you need not be surprised if you feel tired at some point. But that is not what is meant here: it is not a calm, contented tiredness, but a restless, driven exhaustion, a tension-filled emptiness.

Another difference: if you have simply done too much for a while, then a soothing night's rest, a relaxing weekend or, in a pinch, a few quiet vacation days or weeks will help.

But for patients, it's different. Neither the night sleep, nor the sick leave, nor the rest during the day somehow makes it better. They have an almost indomitable need for rest and recuperation - but that need cannot be satisfied. It seems like an evil curse: the more they rest, the more exhausted they feel. We have patients who, after months or years of rest, can practically only lie down. Even sitting overwhelms them after a short time, not to mention standing or other movement.

What kind of complaint is this? What is to be done?

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Similar disease patterns

Teaser hyperventilation

Shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, panic: Hyperventilation

While the acute hyperventilation syndrome is a highly acute complaint (shortness of breath, anxiety, palpitations, dizziness, panic), the chronic hyperventilation syndrome is often overlooked. It usually manifests itself only indirectly and often only after years of symptoms. However, the consequences for the quality of life are sometimes even more serious and often lead to severe impairments, even to retirement.

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Teaser derealization

The world and one's own person appear alien: derealization and depersonalization.

The complaints are difficult to put into words. The world seems somehow strange and unreal. It is a feeling like fog in the brain or like standing behind a pane of glass. Everything seems unfamiliar, not real or as if in a dream. And even one's own body is different from what it was. Foreign, like a robot. Looking in the mirror has lost its naturalness.

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Teaser dizziness

Spinning, swaying, dizziness & anxiety: dizziness!

Dizziness, that means a disorientation in space. There is hardly anything that is as unsettling and causes fear, even panic, as this sensation.

For some types of dizziness there are clear findings, e.g. an impairment of the inner ear. An example would be benign positional vertigo, the most common type of vertigo.

But sometimes there are no physical findings at all. Often it is more a feeling of dizziness, a feeling like being drunk or having absorbent cotton in the head. Usually it is coupled with strong exhaustion, sleep disturbances and numerous further complaints. Then the insecurity is twofold: Once by the discomfort and then still by the lack of clarity, what then causes this discomfort.

These pages are about dizziness with and without physical findings. What is it? How does it occur? What to do about it?

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Teaser panic attacks

Out of nowhere: panic attacks

Panic attacks and panic disorders are referred to as a subtype of anxiety disorders. They come suddenly "out of the blue" and are accompanied by fear of death. Most sufferers experience primarily an intense physical threat and are often surprised when no physical findings are raised . Many are skeptical when a purely psychological disorder is assumed. In fact, new insights into the organic background of panic are leading to innovative, effective therapies.

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Teaser: Fibromyalgia

Pain everywhere - Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia means pain all over the body, fatigue, sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal complaints, swelling and a great many puzzling functional complaints. But as severe as the symptoms are, no physical findings can be found.

What is this disease? How can it be diagnosed with certainty? Above all, how can it be treated successfully? These are the questions addressed here.

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Teaser exhaustion

Exhausted and tense

After a lot of effort, everyone is tired. After rest it gets better. However, there is a feeling of exhaustion, neither sleep nor vacation will not help. It is a great need for rest with simultaneous restlessness. Terms like CFS, burnout or exhaustion syndromes do not help.

What is behind it? What helps?

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