When swallowing causes panic

Swallowing fear - phagophobia

Phagophobia or swallowing anxiety is the fear of swallowing. This is usually accompanied by a fear of choking (choking phobia) and should not be confused with globus hystericus or anorexia nervosa. In addition to the fear of choking on food, there may also be a fear of swallowing saliva.

Phagophobia is classified as a specific phobia (ICD: F40.2) and is distinguished from agoraphobia, panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. The disorder is also mentioned in the DSM-5.

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Similar disease patterns

Teaser Closure Feelings

Constantly something in the throat: feelings of lumpiness and compulsive clearing of the throat

Patients report that they constantly suffer from the feeling, which is difficult to describe, that there is something disturbing and constricting in their throat and that it has to come out somehow. They constantly feel the need to swallow or clear their throat. Some also experience an urge to cough, shortness of breath or even panic.

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Teaser panic attacks

Out of nowhere: panic attacks

Panic attacks and panic disorders are referred to as a subtype of anxiety disorders. They come suddenly "out of the blue" and are accompanied by fear of death. Most sufferers experience primarily an intense physical threat and are often surprised when no physical findings are raised . Many are skeptical when a purely psychological disorder is assumed. In fact, new insights into the organic background of panic are leading to innovative, effective therapies.

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Teaser hyperventilation

Shortness of breath, palpitations, dizziness, panic: Hyperventilation

While the acute hyperventilation syndrome is a highly acute complaint (shortness of breath, anxiety, palpitations, dizziness, panic), the chronic hyperventilation syndrome is often overlooked. It usually manifests itself only indirectly and often only after years of symptoms. However, the consequences for the quality of life are sometimes even more serious and often lead to severe impairments, even to retirement.

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Teaser yawn and sigh

Constant yawning and sighing

Do you yawn often? Probably yes! We all do. But sometimes yawning accumulates so much that it can be really annoying, even a real discomfort for some people.

What is the background of yawning? Why do we actually do it? Is there a treatment for it?

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Teaser odor sensitivity

Odor sensitivity - MCS - Osmophobia

Bad smells disturb almost all people. However, it may be that the sensitivity to odors and fragrances is increased to such an extent that a real suffering arises from it. This is referred to by various terms: Hyperosmia, Osmophobia (fear of odors), MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity, idiopathic environmental intolerance, multiple chemical sensitivity, multiple-chemical-sensitivity-syndrome and others.

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Teaser exhaustion

Exhausted and tense

After a lot of effort, everyone is tired. After rest it gets better. However, there is a feeling of exhaustion, neither sleep nor vacation will not help. It is a great need for rest with simultaneous restlessness. Terms like CFS, burnout or exhaustion syndromes do not help.

What is behind it? What helps?

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Teaser swallowing fear

When swallowing triggers panic: swallowing anxiety

Every person swallows more than a thousand times a day without thinking about it. But after a threatening swallow, that's over. It becomes a danger! With every swallow comes the memory of the threat of choking.

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