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Many people today suffer from diseases that are difficult or impossible to treat with simple solutions (e.g. medication).

Pronounced complaints (e.g. pain, dizziness, weight problems, exhaustion, gastrointestinal complaints) are in contrast to the lack of physical findings. For those affected, this contrast is often very confusing. When organic causes of suffering have been ruled out, questions like these often arise:

  • Is it all psychological?
  • Am I imagining it?
  • Do I have to put up with it?
  • Or do I perhaps have an unknown illness after all?

Over the course of decades, we have been able to gain new insights into these questions. Based on this, we developed a new way of looking at things, which now makes sense of the complaints and opens up effective possibilities for action. In this way, hope and the prospect of healing are restored.

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Video consultation

We now offer video consultations. Regardless of whether you have visited us frequently or never, you can book an appointment for this.

This service is covered by statutory and private health insurance. All you need is a cell phone or tablet with a camera or a computer with a camera (e.g. USB camera). It is very easy and you will also find detailed instructions.

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Pain everywhere

February 2020

Fibromyalgia - pain everywhere: Recognize the mysterious disease, understand and relieve complaints effectively - With self-test and nutrition program

Completely revised book with 10 points self-help and practical nutrition program with all recipes

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Dizziness without findings

Dizziness, lightheadedness, swaying, palpitations and anxiety up to panic: Often there is no clear pathological finding for these symptoms. The latest research results show that stress in connection with a change in breathing plays an essential role. This guidebook explains the true causes of the various types of dizziness and provides advice and exercises that sufferers can use to help themselves.

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New edition

Lipedema: Recognize in time and treat correctly. Effective help without surgery

Millions of women in Germany suffer from lipedema. This accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue, especially in the legs, is not only an aesthetic problem for those affected, but is also accompanied by severe pain.

New edition now available!

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The classic

Fibromyalgia Course Book

On 250 pages it gives a comprehensive insight into the complex clinical picture with its many facets. In addition to pain as the main symptom, it also deals with the causes and treatment options for sleep disorders, water retention, gastrointestinal disorders, sensitivity to irritation, dizziness and anxiety.

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Why you build fat easily and muscle hard - and what it has to do with freezers?

Answers to questions that have always plagued you!

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Online dizziness training

The comprehensive online training program with well over 100 exercises to follow.

Online breathing training

Practical instruction on proper breathing in many films to follow.


Online Cupping Training

Comprehensive practical instruction on decongestion for lipedema and swelling.

Our self-understandig
We are a team of physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, physician assistants and other professions who want to develop hand in hand the model of a future medicine. 
We are working on a new understanding of complaints whereby symptoms get a different meaning. 
Our therapeutic methods are primarily non-drug and are intended to strengthen the self-efficacy and self-help skills of those affected. 
We critically review our methods and findings and develop new and more effective treatments through research. 


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